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Please join us for National Prayer Time,
a monthly interlude to pray together for our world.


The mission of the Center of Light and Love is to help people strengthen their relationship with God through healing of the body, mind and spirit. Grounded in the Spirit, the Center's programs are designed to minister to the total self, thereby facilitating physical and emotional renewal, and enhancing one's capacity to cope with the challenges of life. The Center enables leaders to address the inner work necessary to be effective. While ecumenical, the services of the Center are designed to complement established communities of faith.

Based on its mission, the Center has the following goals.

1) To support the spiritual growth and development of one's individual spirituality in a manner that strengthens his or her relationship with God.

2) To offer small group, contemplative, physical, and instructional opportunities to develop and engage in the inner work necessary for a fulfilling life (e.g., an opportunity to discover the inner path to: love, light, joy, peace, forgiveness, healing, and to hear that "still small voice.").

3) To offer a spiritual, physical, and relationship-healing ministry (Encourages positive and caring relationships).

4) To provide instruction and exercises in spiritual practices, to help participants manage and minimize the stress in their daily lives.

5) To provide space for dialogue among people of different faiths.

(While some services are "fee based," scholarships are available.)

Gatherings: Gather in community to sing, pray, be silent, listen, and embrace time to open one's soul to God.

Workshops: Learn behaviors that help us strengthen our relationship with God, minimize stress, and explore the power of various methods of praying, while examining God's role in our lives as co-creator working wonders in and through us.

Retreats: Help people grow in their relationship with God; deepen their understanding of God; grow spiritually; integrate the spiritual dimension of their lives into their total lives; develop the capacity for prayerful living, and to allow God to be a powerful presence in their daily lives; experience the source of all that is; understand the importance of humility and appreciate God's Grace.

Individual Spiritual Direction, Prayer Teams, and Healing: Provide spiritual guidance, pray with people for conditions and environments that enable them to heal, provide healing experiences.

Faith Club: Convene interfaith dialogues to foster understanding, mutual respect, and build relationships.

The Center of Light and Love is a ministry without walls because of the variety of venues in which its teaching, praying, and healing take place. The Center takes a wholistic approach to healing, recognizing that we are all multidimensional and everything about us is interrelated and interdependent. The Center attempts to nurture each individual's total being of body, mind, and spirit. It promotes the relationship between an individual's spiritual and emotional well-being and his or her overall health.

The Center offers opportunities for people to: gather in community, be in conditions and environments that enable them to heal, participate in spiritual retreats and workshops designed to help them grow in their relationship with God, and minimize stress. The Center creates sacred space that enables all this.

The Center of Light and Love is a subsidiary program of Centerpoint for Leaders, a nonprofit

About the Spiritual Resource Director
Reverend Sandra Trice Gray, a nondenominational minister, earned her certification in Spirituality from St. Mary's Seminary and University's Ecumenical Institute of Theology. She serves as a spiritual development resource.

Professionally, she is a certified association executive and serves as President of Centerpoint for Leaders. Rev. Gray has pioneered coalition building and partnerships across government, business, and nonprofit sectors. She was vice-president of Leadership — INDEPENDENT SECTOR, co-chair of the Alliance for National Renewal and Sustainable Communities, and served as interim director to establish CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation.

Rev. Gray has also served national organizations and special commissions at the Executive Director, Commissioner, Policy Advisor, and Special Assistant to the Secretary levels. This followed an extensive career as executive director of a national organization, an educator, and administrator on the national, state and local levels.

Rev. Gray has published dozens of works and received numerous honors, including selection by the Rockefeller Foundation to represent American women leaders to the Soviet Union and inclusion among America's Top 100 Black Business and Professional Women. She was also a member of the President of the United States' Committee on Education Partnerships.


2nd Sunday of Each Month at 6:00 P.M.

Spiritual Circle

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Owen Brown Community Center
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